001 – Human Target Showrunner Matt Miller

TVWriterPodcast Episode 1 - Matt Miller

Script magazine is proud to announce our editorial partnership with TVWriterPodcast.com! Hosted by Gray Jones, the TV Writer Podcast is devoted to interviews with working TV writers. It is brought to you by Script magazine and Scriptmag.com, the leading source for scriptwriting information on the web.

For the inaugural episode, Gray Jones has not one but two interviews with Human Target show runner Matt Miller. The first interview was done by host Jones on his other show, Chuck vs. the Podcast, and talks about Miller’s career path and how he ended up on Chuck. Then Jones’ second interview with Miller takes you to the present — hear all about his plans for season 2 of Human Target.

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Countdown to Launch

Fall TV shows are premiering next month… We’ll take you behind the scenes before they even air!

I’m pleased to announce that the TV Writer Podcast, partner of Script Magazine, will be counting down to the launch of the fall TV shows by bringing you many interviews with writers of these new and returning shows.

As part of this campaign, productions will each be providing three writers for interviews.

Already on board are:

  • Chuck (NBC)
  • Human Target (Fox)
  • V (ABC)

I am currently negotiating with No Ordinary Family (ABC), The Mentalist (CBS), White Collar (USA), and Eureka (SyFy), and am in the process of approaching several other shows.

Make sure to get your requests in on the new Requests page, or on the new Facebook group!

EXCLUSIVE: Chuck Season 4 Writers Confirmed

Chuck Season 4 Writers

EXCLUSIVE: Chuck writer Lauren LeFranc emailed me tonight, and told me the full roster of writers for season 4 of NBC’s Chuck.

Here is the new Chuck staff (Click name to see IMDB profile):

(Returning) Josh Schwartz
(Returning) Chris Fedak
(Returning) Rafe Judkins
(Returning) Lauren LeFranc
(NEW) Nicholas Wootton
(NEW) Kristin Newman
(NEW) Craig DiGregorio
(NEW) Henry Alonso Myers

Please note that while we already knew about the departure of Scott Rosenbaum, Ali Adler, Matt Miller, and Phil Klemmer, this means that Zev Borow and Max Denby are also not on the Chuck staff this year.

About the Podcast and the Partnership

TV Writer Podcast

Why start the TV Writer Podcast?

It’s really the same reason I created a podcast for Chuck. I looked around, and couldn’t find one.

There are oodles of podcasts about writing feature film scripts and novels. A few offer a smorgasbord, which happens to include TV writers. However, to my knowledge there is no podcast devoted exclusively to the creators of the small screen, despite the fact that there may be as many as ten times the number of writers working in television as those who write for features. Also, it helps that in my Chuck podcast, I found I especially enjoyed speaking to the writers.

My primary goal is to offer great podcast interviews with working writers in various genres and parts of the television industry. One week may feature a showrunner for a Hollywood scripted drama, and the next may feature a writer for a Canadian kids animation show.

Another very important goal is to make these “unsung heroes” into “sung heroes,” so to speak. At times it baffles me why so much media and attention is given to the cast, and yet so little attention is given to those who create the stories we love… not just showrunners and executive producers, but writers at all levels.

What does “partner of Script Magazine” mean?

I’m very proud that Script Magazine, a Final Draft, Inc. publication, has chosen to partner with me on the TV Writer Podcast. They will promote the podcast on their newly revamped website, and also assist me in contacting writers for interviews. When they feature TV writers in the print magazine, these writers will be approached for possible podcast interviews to tie in with the print articles.

What are my goals for the website?

It’s not that there aren’t great resources for existing and aspiring TV writers; it’s just that most are devoted to a particular writer, book, organization, or service. As such, they either have a specific slant, or are limited in some way.

Of course, the website will support the podcast, with enhancements related to the episodes (like bio information for the interviewees and links to their suggested resources, favorite books, etc.). However, my goal is that the site will be a hub where you can find organized links to many different resources for TV writing, as well as be a place to gather for helpful discussion.

I need you!

To accomplish these goals, I need you! I need your ideas and feedback on the site. I need suggestions for blogs, sites, books, DVDs, podcasts, and seminars you’ve found helpful. I need guest article writers and book reviewers. No suggestion is too small! Please send me an email if you have anything to say.

I also especially need writers to interview. If you are a working writer yourself, or if you know any writers who are open to being interviewed, please contact me.

TVWP and other notes

You may notice when you try to abbreviate the podcast name it is the same acronym as “Television Without Pity,” a wonderful TV-related website. My bad. I had registered the name long before this occurred to me. So… please try to abbreviate this podcast as TVW_P, and on Twitter use the hash tag #TVW_P.

Also, you’ll notice many resources on the site related to feature film writing. While the podcast will be focused on TV writers, I would be remiss if I were to leave out the wonderful wealth of information provided by authors of feature writing and general writing books, blogs, and sites.


2-page feature on Gray in Toronto Star!

Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski
Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski

“One Toronto podcaster didn’t just
talk about his favourite show.
He may have saved it from the axe”

— Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010 edition of Toronto Star

Gray with Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez
Gray with Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez

I’m incredibly pleased to confirm that in today’s Toronto Star, the front page and sixth page of the entertainment section are devoted to Gray, Chuck vs. the Podcast, and Chuck’s return for season 3!



“On the outside, it looks to be about spy stuff
but it always ends up being about the relationships,
at work and at home.”
— Gray Jones

A web version with fewer photos is available online here, for fans who don’t have access to the physical newspaper. However, most bookstores in Canada sell the Toronto Star, so if you have access, I urge you to buy the paper and see the full article!

Gray on Chuck set in L.A.
Gray on Chuck set in L.A.

“Hosted along with Mel and Liz, the women behind the expansive and exhaustive Chucktv.net website…”

Mel and Liz, and ChuckTV.net all got mentions in the article. Plus, they interviewed Chris Fedak, both to comment on the podcast story and for a separate piece on Chuck season 3.


About the Host – Gray Jones

Gray's iReport at CNN.com

Graham “Gray” Jones is a reality/lifestyle TV editor, produced writer and author located in Los Angeles, California. He has an honors Screenwriting BFA from York University, where he graduated with distinction in 1994.

He has a very interesting history: high school class president; released an album in 1990 and toured Canada with his rock band; was a Christian minister for 6 years; won awards internationally for short film producing; released a software program that was featured in Macworld Magazine; and has worked in TV since 2001 (235 TV episodes and counting).

In January, 2008, Gray started “Chuck vs. the Podcast” for NBC’s Chuck, which since December 2008 has been continuously voted the #1 TV-themed podcast in Podcast Alley’s TV & Film category.

Gray is proud to put family and spiritual values first, and strives always to produce material that will help people in some way.

Gray with Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez
Gray with Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez

He also supports shows and movies that are family-friendly. In 2009, his “Watch, Buy, Share” idea was the beginning of the renewal campaign for the 3rd season of NBC’s Chuck, that would snowball into a huge fan effort, leading to a successful renewal. His “Send a message that we need family shows” iReport on CNN led to him being chosen as a fan spokesperson, to appear on CNN with Chuck stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez. He was also recently featured in a 2-page article in the Toronto Star newspaper, for his work in helping to save Chuck.


Gray on Chuck set in L.A.
Gray on Chuck set in L.A.

In 2010, guess who started the “Chuck: Declassified” fan campaign to renew Chuck, which was expanded to include the news-worthy flash mobs? Gray again — and the campaign was a success, ushering in a fourth season for Chuck.

Please check out the links on the right for Chuck vs. the Podcast, Gray’s book, and more. You can also follow Gray on Twitter!