006 – TV & Feature Writer Dan McDermott

Are you wondering whether to write features or television? To try to get a pilot produced, or to work on a staff? Or are you concerned you don’t have enough time to write because of your busy family life?

This week we meet someone who does it all… Dan McDermott, co-executive producer and writer on Fox’s Human Target, which began its second season this Wednesday. Click image to play video; more details are below.

You’ll love hearing how Dan manages to write both features and television at the same time, with great success! While writing the action-packed blockbuster “Eagle Eye,” he also successfully sold the pilot for and executive produced the TV series “Angela’s Eyes.”

He shares many cool stories, including how he came up with the idea for Eagle Eye, his work on the Romancing the Stone remake, and why the iconic ending of the original Soylent Green is only the midpoint of his adaptation of the story.

Oh, yeah… and he does this all with a wife and son! He shares practical advice on how to balance family life, features, and television at the same time.

Make sure you watch Dan’s work on Human Target, airing on Fox on Wednesdays at 8/7c. Also, check out our interview with Human Target showrunner Matt Miller if you haven’t already!

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