This podcast was not designed to be profitable. That said, I would ask that you please consider the following:

TIME: Countless hours go into site development, securing and researching interviews, performing the interviews, and then editing, compressing, and posting.

EXPENSES: Website hosting, bandwidth, hard drive space, mics, webcams, video camera, and a computer fast enough to pump out the podcast all cost money… and that’s before I start traveling for in-person interviews.

THE TRADE: Consider what you pay for DVD training, movie rentals, or a feature at the cinema, for an hour or two of content. My podcasts provide hours of behind the scenes, “special feature” style content… what is this resource worth to you?




SPONSORSHIP: Advertise your business or product to a very specific audience! Advertising on the website and/or in the podcast is more economical than most other mediums. I can do monthly, yearly, or per-episode advertising.  Click here for more info.

DONATIONS: Dollar for dollar, this is the most effective way to show your support. No amount is too small — or too big!

USE AMAZON LINKS TO BUY BOOKS OR ANYTHING ELSE: If you’re going to buy books, scripts, and DVD training to maintain your craft, gifts, DSLR and other audio/video equipment, or the latest gadget, please use the TV Writer Podcast link to access’s full site. The cost to you is exactly the same, but a percentage goes to support the podcast.

FOR CANADA: please use the TV Writer Podcast Canada link to access’s full site.

VIEW IN A WEB BROWSER: When you watch the podcast in a web browser, whether here, on YouTube or at, every view gives a tiny kickback. These add up! If you have a choice, please view in a web browser rather than through iTunes.

CLICK ON ADS AND SUPPORT SPONSORS: Every once in a while, please take the time to click on the ads embedded in the podcast, and also visit and support the sponsors.

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