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This week, host Gray Jones interviews Lee Aronsohn, co-creator and showrunner of “Two and a Half Men” and EP of “The Big Bang Theory,” and actor/writer/producer/director Jason Kyle, the founders of the Creators Writing Room.

Lee Aronsohn Biography:

Lee Aronsohn served as showrunner of “Two and a Half Men,” a show which he co-created with Chuck Lorre, and he was also an executive producer on “The Big Bang Theory.” His work spans over three decades, having written for hit shows such as “The Love Boat,” “Who’s the Boss,” “Charles in Charge,” “Cybill,” “CSI,” and others.

Jason Kyle Biography:

Jason is an actor, comedian, writer and voice actor best known for his roles in “100 Blocks,”, “Redress,” and “Watch Dogs 2.” He was also the creator, producer, director and lead actor in “The Bay Area Show.” He currently works in development at Sony Pictures TV, with Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa (creators of “Homeland” and “24“).


2:25 – Interview start
3:38 – Lee’s background, from “The Love Boat” to “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men.”
5:17 – How the industry has changed over the years.
6:23 – How needing health insurance led to co-creating and running “Two and a Half Men.”
10:01 – How “Big Bang Theory” almost didn’t make it, and needed a second pilot.
13:32 – Jason’s background, from the peace corps in Albania to standup comedy.
18:08 – His next few years acting, directing, producing and writing.
23:05 – The “meet cute” — how they connected and ended up working together.
26:25 – Sponsor break.
27:32 – All about The Creators Writing Room – free content and fee-based classes over Zoom.
32:28 – Why free content on the internet isn’t enough.
36:33 – What the Zoom format provides, especially with their small class sizes.
40:33 – Discussing the different classes they offer.
43:18 – Free Co-Pilot Zoom sessions where they deconstruct pilot scripts
45:49 – Wrap up, website info.

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