That’s right, weeeeee’re back… and better than ever, too!

The podcast is taking a new direction in 2020… instead of focusing on breaking in, we’re aiming at the staff to mid-level writer, featuring in-person video interviews with show creators and higher level writers and producers (by Skype until the stay-at-home order lifts). How do they choose their writing staff? What is their room philosophy? How do they break a story? What are they looking for in new writers they hire?

We also have audio-only episodes on your favorite platforms!

Are you “stuck at home” because of the Coronavirus? Watch or listen to the TV Writer Podcast! Need a laptop with Final Draft? CLICK HERE to rent one from Gray (also equipped with the full Adobe suite) for as low as $9/day ($270/month).

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Several writers are lined up for interviews already… if you are a show creator or high level writer/producer — or you know one — be sure to contact Gray about an interview!

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