EXCLUSIVE: Chuck Season 4 Writers Confirmed

Chuck Season 4 Writers

EXCLUSIVE: Chuck writer Lauren LeFranc emailed me tonight, and told me the full roster of writers for season 4 of NBC’s Chuck.

Here is the new Chuck staff (Click name to see IMDB profile):

(Returning) Josh Schwartz
(Returning) Chris Fedak
(Returning) Rafe Judkins
(Returning) Lauren LeFranc
(NEW) Nicholas Wootton
(NEW) Kristin Newman
(NEW) Craig DiGregorio
(NEW) Henry Alonso Myers

Please note that while we already knew about the departure of Scott Rosenbaum, Ali Adler, Matt Miller, and Phil Klemmer, this means that Zev Borow and Max Denby are also not on the Chuck staff this year.

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  1. Hola Amigo – great work getting this info out to us so fast! Appreciate all your efforts – hope it pays off for you soon! – cheers

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